About Identitree

Identitree is a comprehensive directory of information about the trees of Great Britain, Europe, and North America. It provides a range of features to help you identify trees, or find information about trees:

Find by name

Identitree provides a powerful search facility, to enable you to locate trees by entering all or part of either the common name, or the biological (Latin) name.

It uses Doyoumean technology to locate the correct tree, even if you are not quite sure of the exact name or spelling.

About the photographs

Most of the photographs used on this site were taken by Roger Phillips for the book "Trees in Britain, Europe, and North America", and are used here under license from the copyright owner.

Where possible we went back to the original transparencies for the photographs on this site. Unfortunately some of the transparencies have been lost since the book was originally published, and in these cases we have had to rely on scans from the printed book. We are replacing these with high quality photographs from actual leaf samples as we are able to obtain specimens.


We would like to thank everyone who has supported Identitree and contributed to its development, including Roger Phillips, without whose superb photography this project would not have been possible, and Sarah Jenkins, for help with compiling the text of the site.