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Platanus x hispanica
Populus alba

Platanus x hispanica (London Plane)

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Location: Grown in town and city streets, parks and gardens in most of central and western Europe.

Thought to be a hybrid between Oriental Plane (Platanus orientalis) and Western Plane (P. occidentalis).


Leaves can be extremely variable, even on the same tree, with deeper lobes, more teeth, and of different sizes. They colour yellow and orange in autumn.


Platanus x hispanica

Flowers open in May, male and female in separate round clusters, females larger and reddish growing at the tip of the shoot and males yellow, growing further back on old wood.


Platanus x hispanica

There are usually two-four fruit clusters on one stem. They are about 2.5cm across and turn brown in the autumn, breaking up in late winter, often blocking drains and gutters with debris.