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Abies alba
Abies amabilis
Abies bracteata
Abies cephalonica
Abies concolor
Abies concolor var. lowiana
Abies delavayi
Abies delavayi var. forrestii
Abies delavayi var. georgii
Abies firma
Abies grandis
Abies homolepis
Abies koreana
Abies lasiocarpa
Abies magnifica
Abies nordmanniana
Abies numidica
Abies procera
Abies veitchii

Abies delavayi (Delavay's Silver Fir)

No sample available

Native: Western China

Location: Rare in cultivation


Foliage is also similar to var. georgii with leaves bluntly rounded and usually notched.

Pollen and Seed Cones

No sample available

Cones are similar to Abies delavayi var. georgii.

Mature Cones

No sample available

Mature cones are similar to Abies delavayi var. georgii, but the deep purple cones have smaller spine-like bracts