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Aesculus californica
Aesculus x carnea
Aesculus x carnea cv. 'Briottii'
Aesculus flava
Aesculus glabra
Aesculus glabra var. sargentii
Aesculus hippocastanum
Aesculus hippocastanum cv. 'Baumannii'
Aesculus indica
Aesculus indica cv. 'Sydney Pearce'
Aesculus pavia
Aesculus turbinata

Aesculus turbinata (Japanese Horse Chestnut)

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Native: Japan

A large tree. Similar in appearance to the Common Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) but more slow growing.


Leaves are larger and have seven unstalked leaflets with tufts of orange down in vein axils underneath. They colour bright orange, then brown, and drop early in autumn.


Aesculus turbinata

Flowers open two to three weeks after the Common Horse Chestnut in late May or early June


Aesculus turbinata

Rough but not spiny, egg-shaped or pear-shaped fruit.