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Aesculus californica
Aesculus x carnea
Aesculus x carnea cv. 'Briottii'
Aesculus flava
Aesculus glabra
Aesculus glabra var. sargentii
Aesculus hippocastanum
Aesculus hippocastanum cv. 'Baumannii'
Aesculus indica
Aesculus indica cv. 'Sydney Pearce'
Aesculus pavia
Aesculus turbinata

Aesculus indica (Indian Horse Chestnut)

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Native: North-west Himalaya

Location: Cultivated in parks and gardens since it is a highly decorative tree.


Leaves have seven, sometimes five or nine, stalked leaflets.


Aesculus indica

Flowers open in June and July in panicles about 10-15cm tall, though may be two or three times as large. Stamens protrude from the flowers which may be pink or with upper pair of petals flushed yellow or red.


Aesculus indica

Fruit has thin smooth skin enclosing two or three wrinkled brown seeds.