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Juniperus chinensis
Juniperus communis
Juniperus drupacea
Juniperus flaccida
Juniperus monosperma
Juniperus recurva
Juniperus rigida
Juniperus virginiana

Juniperus communis (Common Juniper)

Juniperus communis

Native: Northern Europe, N. America, south-west Asia.

Fruit are best known as a flavouring for gin, and in various dishes, but have also been used as a source of oil, as a diuretic in medicine and in Norway to make a beer. Commonly a sprawling shrub but may form a tree about 2-4m tall. Many garden varieties have been raised.


Foliage is of needle-type only, in whorls of three with a broad white band on upper surface and grey under surface.


Juniperus communis

Flowers open in March.


Juniperus communis

Fruits are about 0.6cm across and ripen to black in their second or third year.