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Larix decidua
Larix x eurolepis
Larix gmelinii
Larix kaempferi
Larix laricina
Larix occidentalis
Larix potaninii

Larix x eurolepis (Dunkeld Larch)

Larix x eurolepis

Location: Used as a forestry tree in plantations and shelterbelts.

A hybrid between Common Larch (Larix decidua) and Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi) first raised in Dunkeld, Scotland, at the end of the last century. Characters may be variable but always intermediate to the two parents.


Foliage consists of needles, dark green above with two grey bands beneath.

Pollen and Seed Cones

Larix x eurolepis

Cones open in March; females 10mm vary in colour from purple to cream tinged with red.

Mature Cones

Larix x eurolepis

Mature cones are long, about 3cm to 4cm, like Common Larch (Larix decidua) and usually have scales turning outwards, though less dramatically than on Japanese Larch (Larix kaempferi).