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Larix decidua
Larix x eurolepis
Larix gmelinii
Larix kaempferi
Larix laricina
Larix occidentalis
Larix potaninii

Larix gmelinii (Duharian Larch)

Larix gmelinii

Native: Siberia

Location: Cultivated in botanical collections.


Foliage has needles flat on upper surface and slightly keeled underneath.

Pollen and Seed Cones

Larix gmelinii

Cones open in early March; males greenish yellow becoming yellow when pollen is shed; females red and green about 5mm to 10mm, ripening through the summer to a cone

Mature Cones

Larix gmelinii

Mature cones are purple, turning brown in October or November, opening to release seed. They are about 25mm long with glossy rounded scales turned slightly outwards.