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Populus alba
Populus balsamifera
Populus x canadensis
Populus x canadensis 'Regenerata'
Populus x canadensis 'Robusta'
Populus canescens
Populus deltoides
Populus grandidentata
Populus lasiocarpa
Populus nigra
Populus nigra 'Italica'
Populus nigra var. betulifolia
Populus tremula
Populus tremuloides
Populus trichocarpa

Populus nigra var. betulifolia (Downy Black Poplar)

Populus nigra var. betulifolia

Native: Northern and central Europe

Location: Planted by roads, and in parks and gardens.


Leaves have forward-pointing teeth and flattened stems. Young shoots, leaf stalks, main veins and flower stalks are downy but on the true Black Poplar are hairless.


Populus nigra var. betulifolia

Flowers open in March, males red, about 5cm long, females greenish about the same length.


No sample available

Fruiting catkins are about 7.5cm long and shed white cottony seeds in June.