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Populus alba
Populus balsamifera
Populus x canadensis
Populus x canadensis 'Regenerata'
Populus x canadensis 'Robusta'
Populus canescens
Populus deltoides
Populus grandidentata
Populus lasiocarpa
Populus nigra
Populus nigra 'Italica'
Populus nigra var. betulifolia
Populus tremula
Populus tremuloides
Populus trichocarpa

Populus x canadensis (Hybrid Black Poplar)

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Also known as: synonym P. X euramericana Guinier

Location: Planted throughout Europe.

A group of hybrids from the European Black Poplar (Populus nigra) and Cottonwood (Populus deltoides) of North America. The hybrids proved to be more vigorous and easily propagated than either parent. Many named clones are now available.


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