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Quercus agrifolia
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Quercus pyrenaica
Quercus pyrenaica 'Pendula'
Quercus robur
Quercus robur cv. 'Filicifolia'
Quercus robur forma purpurascens
Quercus rubra
Quercus schumardii
Quercus suber
Quercus trojana
Quercus x turneri
Quercus velutina

Quercus castaneifolia (Chestnut-leaved Oak)

Quercus castaneifolia

Native: Forests south and southwest of the Caspian Sea.

Although a striking tree it is fairly rare in collections.


Leaves are 7.5-19cm long, dark glossy green above, dull grey downy beneath.


Quercus castaneifolia

Flowers appear with the young leaves at the end of April or early May, the female flowers are seen in the terminal axils of the new shoots.


Quercus castaneifolia

The acorns which ripen in the second year are about 2.5cm long and fall in October.