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Fraxinus excelsior
Fraxinus excelsior 'Pendula'
Sorbus sargentiana

Fraxinus excelsior (Common Ash)

Fraxinus excelsior

Also known as: European Ash

Native: Europe, including Britain

A magnificent large deciduous tree with distinctive black buds in spring. Can be coppiced.


Leaves usually have 9-11 leaflets and turn clear yellow in autumn. Winter buds are black.


Fraxinus excelsior

Flowers open in April with male and female in separate clusters on the same tree on different trees or in the same flower. Male clusters are purple turning yellow when pollen is shed. Female clusters are pale green and looser in appearance.


Fraxinus excelsior

Fruit has wings about 4cm long with slightly notched tip and a tiny spike. They turn brown in October and remain on the tree for some time after leaves have fallen.