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Genus 'Castanea'

Castanea sativa

Castanea sativa (Sweet Chestnut)

Castanea sativa

Also known as: Spanish Chestnut

Native: South Europe, north Africa, Asia Minor

Location: Cultivated in Europe for its edible nuts and ornament in parks and gardens, and in N. America as an ornamental.

Has a broad trunk, as much as 9-12m in girth.


Leaves turn yellow then dark brown in October.


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Flowers are open in late June and July when the male catkins about 15-25cm long shed their pollen. Female flowers are in clusters of five to six at the base of a short unopened male catkin.


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Fruit ripens in one season, some trees producing one to two round nuts, some producing three to four flat nuts which are not good enough to eat.