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Catalpa bignonioides
Catalpa x erubescens
Catalpa ovata
Catalpa speciosa

Catalpa bignonioides (Indian Bean)

Catalpa bignonioides

Also known as: Southern Catalpa

Native: South-eastern United States

Location: Cultivated in parks and gardens in eastern States and in west, central and south Europe, including Britain.


Leaves are downy underneath and may be shallowly lobed. They do not unfurl till late June an turn black before falling in autumn.


Catalpa bignonioides

Flowers open in June and July, each about 5cm across in a bunch about 15-20cm tall.


Catalpa bignonioides

Fruit are 15-37cm long, hanging, and turn brown in the autumn splitting the following spring to release white papery seeds about 2.5cm long.