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Genus 'Chrysolepis'

Chrysolepis chrysophylla

Chrysolepis chrysophylla (Golden Chestnut)

Chrysolepis chrysophylla

Native: California, Oregon

When cultivated in Europe it is usually lower and sometimes bushy.


Leaves last for two or three years, when they colour yellow and fall from the tree.


Chrysolepis chrysophylla

Male and female flowers are produced on the same catkins about 2.5-3.7cm long, males for most of their length with a few females clustered at the base. These open in July.


Chrysolepis chrysophylla

Fruit is formed in clusters similar to those of Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) about 2.5-4cm across, ripening in the second autumn to release one or two golden brown nuts, which contain edible kernels.