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Genus 'Cotinus'

Cotinus obovatus

Cotinus obovatus (American Smoketree)

Cotinus obovatus

Also known as: synonym C. americanus Nutt.

Native: Sotuh eastern United States

Location: Cultivated as an ornamental in eastern States and Europe. Often bushy in cultivation.

Apparently becoming rare due to exploitation for an orange-red dye extracted from its wood.


Leaves are bronze when they first unfold and colour beautiful clear reds in autumn.


Cotinus obovatus

Male and female flowers open in June on separate plants. Female flowerheads look similar to the male flowerhead, but have fewer flowers, leaving a mass of empty threadlike stalks which give a cloudy appearance to the tree, hence the name Smoketree.


No sample available

Fruit is likewise sparse, and about 0.3cm long.