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Genus 'Cydonia'

Cydonia oblonga

Cydonia oblonga (Quince)

Cydonia oblonga

Native: Probably Central Asia

Location: Long cultivated in Mediterranean Europe for its fruit, now naturalised in many parts.


Leaves are covered with a felty down when young.


The main use in Britain is for flavouring cooked apple and pear dishes and for making jams and jellies. A candy, 'Contignac', is made in France from quinces and sugar.


Cydonia oblonga

Flowers open in May each about 5cm across.


Cydonia oblonga

Fruit is pear-shaped, about 7.5-10cm long, usually covered with a thick white felt. Despite the wonderful mouth-watering fragrance, the unprepared quince fruit is most unpalatable, being hard and acid.