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Magnolia acuminata
Magnolia acuminata var. subcordata
Magnolia campbellii
Magnolia denudata
Magnolia fraseri
Magnolia grandiflora
Magnolia hypoleuca
Magnolia kobus
Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel'
Magnolia salicifolia
Magnolia x soulangiana
Magnolia tripetala
Magnolia x veitchii
Magnolia virginiana
Magnolia wilsonii

Magnolia acuminata (Cucumber Tree)

Magnolia acuminata

Native: Eastern N. America

Location: Cultivated in eastern states and in Europe as an ornamental.

Forest tree.


Magnolia acuminata

Flowers open in May with erect petals about 5-7.5cm long.


Magnolia acuminata

Fruits are usually about 7.5cm long and when young and green look something like a cucumber, giving this tree its common name.