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Genus 'Mespilus'

Mespilus germanica

Mespilus germanica (Medlar)

Mespilus germanica

Native: South-east Europe and west Asia

Location: Cultivated throughout Europe for its fruits which are made into a conserve, but are edible raw only when left to turn half rotten.

Tree or shrub. It has become naturalised in parts of Britain and north Europe.


Leaves are downy, and old trees may bear hard thorns, about 1.2-2.5cm long.


Mespilus germanica

Flowers are similar to a hawthorn (Crataegus) flower but are solitary and larger, about 2.5-3.7cm across. They open in late May and early June.


Mespilus germanica

Fruits are also distinctive, about 2.5cm across, with a large 'open' end.