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Genus 'Nyssa'

Nyssa sylvatica

Nyssa sylvatica (Tupelo)

Nyssa sylvatica

Also known as: Black Gum, Pepperidge

Native: Eastern North America

Location: Cultivated as an ornamental in eastern states and Europe.

Grows in swamps and damp ground. Has a tapering trunk


Leaves are usually long and tapered at both ends. They colour brilliant orange and red in the autumn. In the United States it is one of the earliest trees to display autumn foliage.


Nyssa sylvatica

Male and female flowers are produced in June on separate trees; both in round heads about 1.2cm across, but females have only a few flowers to the cluster.


Nyssa sylvatica

Fruits are about 1.2cm long, and ripen to dark bluish-black in October.