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Genus 'Podocarpus'

Podocarpus andinus

Podocarpus andinus (Plum-fruited Yew)

Podocarpus andinus

Also known as: Chilean Yew

Native: Chile, Argentina

Location: Found in botanical collections.

Height to 15m in the wild and so far, much taller in cultivation.


Leaves on older trees and side shoots are narrow and pointed, dark dull green above, with two bluish bands on undersides. They are set all round the shoots.


Podocarpus andinus

Flowers open in June, male and female on separate trees; males are yellow in clusters about 2.5cm long, females tiny and green.


Podocarpus andinus

Fruits are about 1.8cm long and ripen to yellow. They are a sweet edible flesh surrounding a stone containing a nut which was eaten by Indians.