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Rhus typhina
Rhus verniciflua

Rhus typhina (Stag's Horn Sumac)

Rhus typhina

Also known as: Velvet Sumac

Native: Eastern North America

Location: Commonly grown in gardens in central and northern Europe.

Height to 7.5m but may reach 12m in the wild.


Leaves are also covered with soft velvety hairs. They colour bright orange in the autumn and this, combined with crimson fruits on female bushes, make a stunning display for any garden.


Rhus typhina

Flowers open in late June and July, male and female on separate trees. Females form a dense downy head 10-20cm long, males form larger looser clusters.


Rhus typhina

Fruit is in a cluster 10-20 long, crimson and velvety hairs.