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Salix alba
Salix babylonica
Salix caprea
Salix x chrysocoma
Salix cinerea
Salix fragilis
Salix matsudana 'Tortuosa'
Salix nigra
Salix pentandra
Salix purpurea
Salix triandra
Salix viminalis

Salix alba (White Willow)

Salix alba

Native: Europe including Britain, northern Asia, northern Africa

Location: Grows wild on riversides.


Leaves are light green at first, becoming dark green with white silky hairs above the thick white down beneath, giving the tree a pale greyish white appearance.


Salix alba

Catkins open in late April and May, males yellow about 3.7-5.5cm long, females green about the same length ripening to form fruiting catkins.


Salix alba

Fruiting catkins which split to release white tufted seeds in June.