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Tsuga canadensis
Tsuga caroliniana
Tsuga chinensis
Tsuga diversifolia
Tsuga heterophylla
Tsuga mertensiana
Tsuga sieboldii

Tsuga canadensis (Eastern Hemlock)

Tsuga canadensis

Also known as: Canadian Hemlock

Native: North-eastern United States and Canada

Location: Cultivated in northern states and in western Europe in gardens and botanical collections, and occasionally for its timber, although of poor quality.

The inner bark has been important in leather tanning.


Leaves are in rows on either side of the shoot with an extra row along the top flattened to the shoot and with the white underside uppermost, a useful feature for recognition.

Pollen and Seed Cones

Tsuga canadensis

Male and female cones open in May, males about 3mm across, greenish yellow, females slightly larger and greenish.

Mature Cones

Tsuga canadensis

Mature cones are 12mm to 25mm long, ripening from green to brown in October.